Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) Online Program

Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT)

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is MAT?
    MAT is a master’s degree program for people possessing an undergraduate degree with significant coursework in the subject you wish to teach, or who are current teachers wishing to earn a master’s degree. After the initial summer training, participants are eligible for a Mississippi Educator License which would allow them to teach grades 7-12 in Mississippi. Upon completion of the two-year program, participants receive a Master of Arts in Teaching degree and their license converts to a 5-year regular Mississippi Educator License.
  2. Who is eligible to apply?
    Anyone possessing an undergraduate degree may apply. This includes those who are currently certified teachers.
  3. What are the goals of the program?
    • To provide certification and support to participants as they teach and earn a master’s degree.
    • To provide quality teachers for the state of Mississippi.
  4. What are the requirements?
    The requirements can be found here.
  5. Is the Praxis II required?
    Yes. You have to pass the Praxis II in the subject you wish to teach (typically math, science, social studies, or English) before you can begin coursework. It may be possible to add supplemental endorsements for other subjects. Please check with the program for specific Praxis II options.
  6. Is the GRE required?
    No. The Praxis II requirement replaces the GRE requirement.
  7. When is the application deadline?
    We admit students to the program each semester (fall, summer and spring). The deadlines for each semester can be found on the application page. Click here for the application page.
  8. What are the advantages/incentives for students who are in this program?
    • Students are eligible to obtain a Mississippi Educator License after the initial summer training and can pursue employment to teach grades 7-12 at any school in Mississippi.
    • There are scholarship opportunities for students who meet certain criteria.
  9. What sources of scholarship funding are available for students?
  10. What does the program cost?
    See our benefits and costs page.
  11. What if I just want licensure, but don’t want to finish the program?
    The initial license is a 3-year provisional Mississippi Educator License. You have three years to finish the program, which allows it to convert to a 5-year regular Mississippi Educator license. If you don’t finish the program, this license expires and you will need to restart a licensure program if you wish to be licensed.
    The program has not determined if the program curriculum meets the educational requirements for state licensure or certification in the states, territories, or entities outside of Mississippi. Reciprocity of a Mississippi teaching license is determined by individual states and entities.
  12. What can I do if I have a question?
    Please reach out to us by using this link.