Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) Online Program

Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT)

*Special Note

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Mississippi Department of Education relaxed the testing requirements for entry to MAT programs and the Praxis Core and Praxis II are not required for entry or for initial 3-year licensure. Passing the Praxis Core and Praxis II testing requirements will be necessary once you finish the program and apply for the 5-year regular Mississippi license. Therefore, it is advisable to meet these requirements during your time in the program.

In order to be certified in a specific subject, you have to meet one of the following*:

  1. Passing the Praxis II in the subject area
  2. The subject area for licensure was your major
  3. You have 18 hours in a particular subject area

*All of these are contingent on the potential areas of licensure allowed by MDE.


Beginning participants must have:

  • An undergraduate degree with significant coursework in the subject you wish to teach.
  • 3.0 GPA overall or on last 60 hours of undergraduate work.
  • 21 ACT composite score, or 990 SAT composite score, or passing scores on the Praxis Core test (Reading: 156, Writing: 162, Math 150).
  • Passing score on the Praxis II test in the subject area you wish to teach. The Praxis II test must be passed before beginning coursework.
  • Writing sample that responds to the following prompt:
    1. What do you view as the greatest need in education and what characteristics do you possess that would allow you to address this need?
    2. What would you like to have accomplished after five years in the teaching profession?
  • Pass Transcript Analysis
    • The Transcript Analysis requirements will be based on Specialized Professional Association (SPA) recommendations for required content area preparation. If an applicant does not pass the transcript analysis, the applicant can still be conditionally admitted and a plan for remediation will be developed with the program coordinator.
  • A valid social security number

* You can apply (and be conditionally accepted) to the program before taking Praxis exams. You must pass all of the Praxis requirements before beginning coursework.

Praxis Core Test:

Participants who have an ACT composite score of 21 or higher, or an SAT composite score of 990 or higher do not need to take the Praxis Core. The Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators (Core) Test is a set of three general knowledge exams administered by Educational Testing Services (ETS).  The test is comprised of three sections: Reading, Writing, and Mathematics. The three areas of the Praxis core are listed below:

Section CDT Code Qualifying Score
Core Academic Skills for Combined Test: Reading 5712 156
Core Academic Skills for Combined Test: Writing 5722 162
Core Academic Skills for Combined Test: Mathematics 5732 150

Praxis II Test:

The Praxis II is a content-area exam and you should sign-up for the content-area you are most interested in teaching.  MAT accepts Praxis II exams for the following specialty areas: Biology, English, Mathematics, and Social Studies.  After you decide if you want to take a computer-delivered test (CDT Code) or a paper-based exam (PDT Code), register for one Praxis II exam using either the CDT or the PDT codes listed below:

Section CDT Code PDT Code Qualifying Score
Biology: Content Knowledge 5235 0235 150
English Language Arts: Content Knowledge 5038 N/A 167
Mathematics: Content Knowledge 5161 N/A 150
Social Studies: Content Knowledge 5081 0081 150